‘The Politics of War’

The late journalist Walter Karp, author of the ‘The Politics of War’ a history of the years 1890-1920 is seen in this undated file photo. The period witnessed the outbreak of the Spanish-American War under Republican William McKinley and America’s emergence from World War One under Democrat Woodrow Wilson. But for Karp, a chain-smoking journalist with a passion for politics, the era not only saw America’s metamorphosis from humble republic to world power. It also marked the defeat of what he termed the last great struggle to maintain a U.S. republic ‘free of oligarchy, monopoly and private power.’ With U.S. troops now in Iraq (newsweb sites) and Afghanistan (newsweb sites), and pundits comparing President Bush (newsweb sites) to McKinley and Wilson, Karp’s former colleagues have published a new paperback edition of ‘The Politics of War’ (Franklin Square Press) as a jaundiced guide to America’s current political debate. (Karp Family/Reuters)

The Old Cause
by Joseph R. Stromberg
January 31, 2000

Walter Karp (1934-1989): War Critic and Republican Theorist

The Politics of War available at Amazon.

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