Israel’s tightening grip on the Jordan Valley

By brighto1, Brighton Tubas Friendship and Solidarity Group, 6 May 2010

“Israel will never cede the Jordan Valley”, Benjamin Netanyahu, March 2010

Armed settlers from the Zionist Maskiot settlement in the Jordan Valley setting up a tent to expand the settlement

The Jordan Valley is an area under urgent threat of annexation and during the last few week Israel have considerably tightened its grip on its indigenous Palestinian population. On the 11th of April the IOF shut of the main water source to Bardala -jeopardising the village’s viability as a farming community-, on the 12th of April they declared Al Maleh a closed military zone, which prevented shepherds to grass their animals, and on the 15th of April the IOF raided Al Farisiya and stole four water pumps in a further attempt to control all water resources in the area. On the 25th of April the harassment of Palestinians increased significantly as armed settlers from the strongly Zionist Maskiot settlement erected a tent only ten meters from the the Al Maleh Bedouin community.

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