Greta Berlin, Free Gaza Movement: We’re almost ready

By Greta Berlin, Free Gaza Movement

We’re almost ready. Our vessels are being loaded with construction materials, specialized medical equipment, generators, pre-fab homes, water filtration units, and school supplies for the children. Israel allows only 81 items into Gaza, forcing the people to use tunnels to bring in supplies, barely keeping their economy at subsistence level.

When asked why they refuse to allow supplies into Gaza, Israeli authorities stated, “If we disclose what is allowed in and why… it would damage our national security and harm foreign relations.” BBC, May 3, 2010

Therefore, we intend to open a sea route that will belong to the Palestinians. Gaza is the only territory on the Mediterranean that has no right to its sea, no right to fish more than a mile off its coast, no right to send out its flowers, vegetables and fruit for trade to other nations. Israel’s cruel blockade has shut 1.5 million Palestinians into an open-air prison, allowing only a trickle of aid through.

We cannot stand by and watch the people slowly starve and lose hope. Since our governments appear to be impotent, we civilians from around the world are stepping up instead.

We carry the hopes and dreams and prayers of thousands who have supported us over these past ten months, and we take those well wishes with us to the people of Gaza.

So for the next few weeks as we finish loading supplies and passengers, we will upload messages and well wishes like this one. Watch for them and send your own wish to us. Become a part of this citizen’s initiative by joining our Newslist, TWITTER account, Facebook page and YouTube list, all on the front page of our website.

Write to your representatives demanding they put Israel on notice for our safety and the safety of our cargo.

Then watch our journey from the live feed on our website at beginning soon.

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7 Responses to Greta Berlin, Free Gaza Movement: We’re almost ready

  1. B Kelley says:

    Stupid bitch…a blockcade and you people intentionally try to run it…draw attention to yourselfs…poor fucking idiots…I walked up and struck a hornet’s nest…and I giot stung…you idiots deserve any and everything Israel gives you…

  2. Bill Levy says:

    Greta Berlin,

    Greta sound like a Jew name.

    Berlin sounds like a Jew name.

    There is something pschologically aberrant about Jews who love their haters but don’t fight back. Your photo of the children obviously Jews in a concentration camp compared to children in Gaza is disgusting.

    The only difference between Jews and Arabs is Arabs would not have used paint ball guns and there would be no Jews left to blog about.

    I hope that you are a secret Israeli spy. Otherwise you are really very sick.

    Bill Levy

  3. Greta Hater says:

    Greta you take advantage of the true meaning of “our children” and speeches about “family”. When your hiding behind something that is legit such as those words you take being a sick, sick person to a whole new level, you are the definition of a terrorist. When Isreal lifts the blockade I will like to see if your vocal about humanitarian aide that you will most likely be blocking to the Jews because you will justify that they deserve it, which will make you just as evil as you claim Isreal is being.

  4. Andrew S says:

    By this article you were ENTICING AND TAUNTING the Israelis! “We’re almost ready!” What did you expect? The Israelis had every right to do exactly what they did! The soldiers landing on the boats did not have to take aggressive actionas the soldiers were just landing on the decks, being beaten as they still held on to the landing ropes! They had every right to defend themselves! THEY would have been murdered by your people on the boats if they did not defend themselves. You could have acted peacefully when they landed on your boats, respecting THEIR jurisdiction! Go ahead and try that again! You will get the same results again, just as you knew what the results would be this initial time! You taunted them into doing it! Israel has absolutely EVERY RIGHT to exist!
    Power to Israel!!!!

  5. madisonian says:

    I wonder if your ilk plans to send a flotilla to challenge the Egyptian blockade of Gaza. Have you forgotten that, immediately upon Hamas seizing control of Gaza, that Egypt blockaded its border? Perhaps you have a hard time comprehending why governments would want to blockade an area that is seized and controlled by organized international terrorists. If so, you should have a Guardian Ad Litem appointed to represent you in the Court of public opinion.

    As for your “humanitarian items” that you were busy loading onto your flotilla, you carefully neglected to mention the guns, ammunition, night vision goggles, knives, etc. Were those items meant to be educational tools for the next generation of homicide bombers?

    And just a brief reminder: If Egypt or Jordan had lifted a finger to create a Palestinian state between 1948 and 1967, when they controlled Gaza and the West Bank, your flotilla would never have been necessary.

  6. Steve says:

    Its a win-win for Greta. If Israel attempts to stop the shipments into Gaza ( as the US did in the blockade around Cuba during the 1960s missle crisis, Israel will be denounced and criticized by the world community). If Israel lets in the cargo, which will include weaponry, it will be used in attacks against Israel and while the world will be silent after these attacks, it will denounce and citicize iSRAEL for disproportionate use of force when Israel responds to the Hamas attacks. Greta, you can’t lose. One more nail in Israel’s coffin.

  7. Avraham says:

    I find the photos at the top of your home paper comparing jews being tranported to their deaths and arabs waiting to be screened for weapons before entering Israel most offensive. I’d like it removed and I’d like a reply explaining your rational behind depicting such a comparison.

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