Anonymous Sources meet Contrivance and Blatant Hypocrisy

Juan Cole decided Saturday, based on opinion and speculation, that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had certainly stolen Iran’s presidential election. He was assisted in this viral mission by the great intellectual who cheered the illegal invasion of Iraq, Andrew Sullivan, and think tank celebrity, Steve Clemons, who punched-up one of his anti-Iran diatribes with a photo of Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez embracing Ahmadinejad. Whatever was he implying?

The sloppiest of innuendo and conjecture attained instant credibility on the sacred internets. Mousavi can claim victory before but Ahmadinejad absolutely cannot several hours after the polling closed; Iranian demonstrators beaten by police are victims of an oppressive state; U.S. demonstrators pre-emptively enclosed in free speech cages, infiltrated by the FBI, and clubbed; demonstrators against Israeli apartheid murdered on a regular basis are …?

No time for deep analysis. Man your Twitter accounts, girls and boys. There’s casus belli to manufacture and a chattering class to convince it needs to do the heavy lifting.

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