McCain hates France | Bob Novak commits hit and run then blames NPR for distracting him

John McCain has been stamping his feet and whining about media bias since Barack Obama embarked upon his foreign tour. The pinheads running his show have unveiled luggage tags they created for journalists travelling with McCain that identify them as patriotic “JVs” who’ve been “Left Behind” and insult the French (circa Cheese-eating surrender monkeysFreedom fries 2003).

Today, McCain flashed his creepiest, I am so angry my head is about to explode but you are so stupid I can fool you smile and denied he’s upset about media bias.

I’ve been tuning in to the most liberal of the networks since Obama landed in Afghanistan last Saturday and invariably, rather than news reports of his activities, I am inundated with McCain’s reactions to Obama’s activites followed by pundit reactions to McCain’s reactions to Obama’s trip abroad.

The media is Johnny’s best friend.

I saw an indignant, hair tossing Andrea Mitchell making the charge that military footage of Obama in a gym with the troops was a slap in the face to the media followed by pundits agreeing to the fakery of it. The always annoying Chris Matthews said, with a straight face, that Obama doesn’t enjoy the same warm relationship with the press that McCain does and needs to be aware or something to that effect.

These same “news” men and women constantly refer to McCain as a “maverick” and POW who served his country like no other but give no airtime to those willing to dispute that propaganda.

Yesterday, CBS covered-up McCain’s incompetence by editing out an inexcusable gaffe he made about the surge then aired the doctored version on national tv. Can you imagine if that favour had been performed for Obama? The clip would be in the loop, the hand-wringing would be endless over the implications of it, and CBS would be overwhelmed with demands for Katie Couric’s resignation.

Instead, speculation continues about who McCain might choose as VP even though Bob Novak, the source of the rumour that McCain’s decision may be announced this week, admitted he might have been used to deflect attention away from Obama’s trip.

Today, Novak struck a pedestrian with his Corvette in Washington, D.C. and left the scene. He was confronted by a bicyclist who witnessed as Novak “plowed” into the 66-year-old man and saw his body “sort of splayed across the windshield.” Novak told police and reporters he “didn’t hear or feel anything” and blamed National Public Radio for distracting him. Novak was ticketed for failing to yield.

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