Why are Obama supporters silent?

Ali Abunimah writes in A defeated policy, not a defeated people“:

The fallacy that lies behind the differential concern for the lives of innocent Israelis and Palestinians is that the massacre in Jerusalem and the massacres in Gaza can be separated. Israeli deaths are “terrorism,” while Palestinian deaths are merely an unfortunate consequence of the fight against “terrorism.” But the two are intricately linked, and what happened in Jerusalem is a direct consequence of what Israel has been doing to the Palestinians for decades.

Let me be clear that the killing of civilians, Israeli or Palestinian, is wrong, repugnant, and cannot bring this one-hundred-year war caused by the Zionist colonization of Palestine to an end. There will be an Israeli propaganda effort — as always — to present Palestinian violence as being simply motivated by hatred, and divorced from the context of brutal occupation that Palestinians live under. What greater proof could you need than an attack on religious students, devoting their life to the study of the Torah?

We cannot expect much analysis in the media of why the Mercaz HaRav yeshiva might have been chosen as a target. Was it mere coincidence that the school, named for Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook, and led after his death by his son Rabbi Zvi Yehuda Kook, is the ideological cradle of the militant, Jewish supremacist settler movement Gush Emunim? [Read the article]

US presidential candidate Barack Obama tells supporters that he intends to change the mindset that leads to war.

He has never failed to support Israeli crimes as they are committed.

Obama is a paper tiger who endorses the venomous rhetoric of Dennis Ross and Susan Rice, foreign policy propagandists, fabricators of the Clinton administration framework that shelters George W. Bush’s slash and burn Middle East policies.

He has reneged on his greatest promise and cashed in all hope that he represents change “we can believe in”.

He believes that Clinton will never drive this stake into the heart of his message and his supporters will remain silent.

There is a press blackout occurring in Gaza, Gideon Levy reports in “A great darkness has fallen“.

Yonatan Mendel reports that Israeli journalists have never been a source of illumination.

A great darkness and bias smothers American discourse on this issue. Obama is enforcing it. Why are his supporters so willing to remain silent and subdued? The most educated and informed? If any in America have discarded the blanket of information that envelops the blissfully unaware, it would be the demographic the experts claim he’s captured.

Why are Obama supporters silent?