Bush will not visit Gaza

Natan Sharansky sent a message to the international community and to Bush, who in 2005 said Sharansky’s thinking was “part of my presidential DNA.”

Right-wing Israelis line up around the Old City walls of Jerusalem during a protest against any negotiation over the status of Jerusalem during the visit of US President George W. Bush. Thousands of Israeli nationalists formed a human chain around Jerusalem’s Old City on Tuesday to protest at peace talks with the Palestinians. (AFP/Menahem Kahana)

Olmert, you have no mandate to divide Jerusalem,” shouted many of the right-wing activists, mostly teenagers, led by former Soviet dissident and cabinet minister Natan Sharansky. [Link]

Bush is still a fan,” so what will Bush, Olmert and Abbas be discussing?

Protesters carry coffins to symbolise Palestinians in Gaza who have died for lack of treatment [Reuters]

Bush will not visit Gaza.