Cheney and Mofaz manipulate intelligence on Iran

Cheney Tried to Stifle Dissent in Iran NIE
by Gareth Porter

A National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on Iran has been held up for more than a year in an effort to force the intelligence community to remove dissenting judgments on the Iranian nuclear program, and thus make the document more supportive of US Vice President Dick Cheney’s militarily aggressive policy toward Iran, according to accounts of the process provided by participants to two former Central Intelligence Agency officers.

But this pressure on intelligence analysts, obviously instigated by Cheney himself, has not produced a draft estimate without those dissenting views, these sources say. The White House has now apparently decided to release the unsatisfactory draft NIE, but without making its key findings public.

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Israel calls for ElBaradei’s removal : Bush, Sarkozy seek sustained pressure on Iran
Daily Times | 9 November 2007

ElBaradei should go: Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Shaul Mofaz called Thursday for Mohamed ElBaradei to be removed as head of the UN nuclear watchdog, saying he had turned a blind eye to Iran’s nuclear ambitions. The call for ElBaradei’s dismissal comes just days before the International Atomic Energy Agency is due to publish a new report on Iran’s nuclear programme, to serve as a key part of further discussions at the United Nations on whether to impose a third set of sanctions on Tehran.

“The policies followed by ElBaradei endanger world peace. His irresponsible attitude of sticking his head in the sand over Iran’s nuclear programme should lead to his impeachment,” Mofaz told public radio from Washington. ElBaradei raised the ire of many Israeli officials after telling France’s Le Monde newspaper that Iran would need “between three and eight years” to develop a nuclear bomb and that there were was no immediate threat.

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