Award-winning news source “Alive in Baghdad” in financial trouble

The award-winning citizen journalist project, Alive in Baghdad, is broke. Brian Conley, one of the project’s two US-based managers, has been told repeatedly by prospective sponsors and advertisers that the reporting is “too much of a downer”.

Conley writes that AiB has been barely hanging on financially since July, when Next New Networks decided to stop running AiB in its Veracifier lineup, saying the videos performed poorly during a “sink-or-swim” three-month trial period.

Politics presented by Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo dominates Veracifier today.

When Gen. Petraeus delivered his report to Congress in September, AiB was covering the surge from Iraq.

Veracifier viewers, I presume, were informed by Josh Marshall’s coverage of the proceedings.

If that’s not a downer, I need a new dictionary.

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