Tears for a clown?

Uganda’s The Monitor reported that Laura Bush was moved to tears by a performance of the Watoto children’s choir. Most of the children have been orphaned by HIV/Aids.

But was Laura’s crying prompted by their Chrisitian songs, or could she have been wondering how on earth she came to be married to such an intractable liar?

According to the article;

The US leader also commended Ms Noerine Kaleeba, who founded Taso after the death of her husband to Aids-related illness, for her contribution to the fight against HIV/Aids.

“She is a catalyst for change, a remarkable soul,” said Bush.

The US president then kissed his thumb and waved to Kaleeba, who returned the gesture. Bush commended Uganda’s open approach to the fight against HIV/Aids and said that the disease does more harm in an environment of secrecy.

“You are leading the way here in Uganda,” Bush added.

Ms. Kaleeba does indeed deserve much praise for her work which includes counselling AIDS clients about preventive measures.

George, on the other hand, deserves a different gesture. In February he announced his intentions to extend the foul ‘global gag rule’ to recipients of his AIDS initiative package.

The Washington Post [June 14] reported how serious the Bush administration is about denying funding to AIDS groups who deliver information about safe sex.

They warned the STOP AIDS project in San Francisco;

…to immediately halt a handful of explicit programs that “appear to encourage or promote sexual activity” or risk losing as much as $500,000 a year in federal grants…

Then again, maybe Laura was thinking about the trouble George’s lying has gotten them into at home.