“Improved Barcodes”

I wrote a little about RFID chips here and linked to CASPIAN [Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering] and the moratorium they’ve called for on this technology.

A couple of interesting developments.

This week CASPIAN was able to obtain files marked ‘confidential’ by simply searching for them on the Auto-ID Center’s website.

The documents contain advice on how to ‘neutralise opposition’ such as referring to the chips as ‘improved barcodes’.

Opinions like this were submitted;

…78 percent of respondents to an online survey had expressed privacy concerns about the tags, but that most consumers would be “apathetic” and “resign themselves to the inevitability of it” rather than taking action…

According to CASPIAN when the Auto-ID people discovered they’d been exposed they pulled the 68 documents then slowly replaced them one by one, with new “confidential until [expiration date]” designations tacked on.

Cryptome mirrored the originals.

So did Cryptogon who also posted an interesting list of who was coming to the site to ‘grab them’


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