Sticker Shock

Speaking to reporters at a news conference in Pretoria, South Africa, Bush made a committment to help Liberia, so long as it doesn’t overextend the forces.

Bush did not say whether he will deploy troops to Liberia. He promised that “we will work closely with the United Nations and the Economic Community of West African States to enforce the cease-fire, to see to it that Mr. Taylor leaves office so there can be a peaceful transition in Liberia.”

Later in this same article;

Bush’s visit to Africa began Tuesday in the Atlantic port city of Dakar, the capital of Senegal. He met privately with Senegalese President Abdoulaye Wade, then with a larger group that included Wade and the heads of seven other West African democracies.

Bush and his party then rode in Wade’s presidential yacht to Goree Island for a tour of a centuries-old slave house where hundreds of thousands of Africans were bought and sold like cargo.

In a speech on the island, Bush stopped short of issuing the blanket apology for slavery that some civil rights advocates had sought. But he acknowledged that the scars of slavery still sting American society.

“But however long the journey, our destination is set: liberty and justice for all,” the president said.

Spoken like a self-serving politico.

One resident of Goree described the visit like this;

“It’s slavery all over again,” fumed one father-of-four, who did not want to give his name. “It’s humiliating. The island was deserted.”

Apparently he and other residents were;

taken to a football ground on the other side of the quaint island at 6 a.m. and told to wait there until Bush had departed, around midday.