Vijay Prashad: NATO in Libya: When protector turned killer

Vijay Prashad
2012-06-13, Issue 589

Back in January Faiz Fathi Jfara of Bani Walid asked a simple question, “I just need an answer from NATO: Why did you destroy my home and kill my family?”

NATO refuses to answer him.

NATO went to war in Libya to protect civilians through a UN mandate (Resolution 1973). Given legitimacy by the UN Human Rights Council and by the International Criminal Court, NATO began its ten thousand sorties. It quickly exceeded the UN mandate, moving for regime change using immense violence. All attempts to find a peaceful solution were blocked. The African Union’s high-level panel was prevented from entering Libya as the NATO barrage began.

Several influential countries, including Russia and China, have asked for an evaluation of Resolution 1973 since late last year. They want to know if NATO exceeded its mandate.

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