Americans stymie Japan-Iran oil deal


Technically, an IAEA report exonerating the Iranians of all Washington’s accusations on their nuclear objectives would enable Japan to sign the Azadegan oil deal. Yet, this would still require Tokyo to ignore Washington’s opposition to any deal for its positive effects on Iran’s economy, a possibility given the two-year-long talks in the face of American opposition. After all, the Japanese, like the Europeans, pursue their national interests, which are at odds with those of the Americans in a growing number of areas. Notwithstanding, the direct intervention of the Americans in the Japanese-Iranian oil deal signals the escalation of hostility between Iran and the United States with a predictably damaging impact on American relations with some of its closest allies such as Japan.

Wagging the Dog

Billmon posted his observation that U.S. and British authorities ‘coincidentally’ issued statements that the Iraq intelligence presented to both govt.’s justified an attack.

His comments section contains a post quoting a few of the right’s favorite Dem targets as if their opinions now matter.

It’s alarming, and I imagine embarrassing for them, that so many apologists are now willing to put aside their former theories that Clinton et. al were in fact ‘wagging the dog’ because they hope it adds weight to their flimsy arguments that Bush & Co. didn’t lie.

Wouldn’t it make much more sense to conclude that both men did?

MWO back from vacation

Cursor has the good news and a quote from MWO about the reason for many opinions expressed by Americans these days.

Why do Americans trust George more than Brits trust Blair?

“Because of our failed national media, there is now a significantly greater proportion of Moron-Americans here than Moron-Brits there.”

Mikey [it figures…I move from Blogspot and the links start working!] has a view from the other side of the pond.

New Resource

I receive almost daily e-mailings from a very dedicated and compassionate woman affiliated with United Methodist Liaison – Jerusalem.

Rev. Sandra Olewine is her name and today she’s sent out a link to a new resource some might be interested in reading.

BADIL SURVEY of Palestinian Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons 2002 can be found at this link and either ordered in print form or downloaded as a PDF file for a nominal fee.
Continue reading New Resource

Berlusconi takes another page from Bush

What a character…

Berlusconi must have felt emboldened by Italy’s lower house of parliament passage of an immunity bill and decided to take on the EU and their contempt of it?

But did he really expect apologising to Schroeder then denying it was in fact an apology would be acceptable to the EU?

Remember when George apologised to the Chinese then said it wasn’t an apology?

If Berlusconi is counting on Europeans to be spent by the exercising of such verbal twisting I think he’s in for a shock all his millions won’t cure.

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