“Only saw the speech the day it was handed to me”

Go here to find the official White House record which contradicts this ridiculous assertion.

Many pictures to go along with the text so George shouldn’t have a problem following along.

The caption of the third picture;

Sketching notes in the margin of speech drafts, President Bush rewrites portions of the address in the Oval Office Jan. 23, 2003.

Thanks to Meria Heller for the link and the reminder.

Yet another unbelievable statement from a man who is apparently falling apart, on why we went to ‘war’ with Iraq;

“We gave him a chance to allow the inspectors in, and he wouldn’t let them in.”

More on this in Joe Conason’s Journal

Nader Says Vote Kucinich in Primaries

Unlike some of his rivals, Kucinich “says publicly what he believes privately,” Nader said at a breakfast meeting with reporters. “At this point, I am urging Democrats to vote for him in the primary.”

Nader went on to say what he would have done in response to 9/11.

Asked how President Nader would have handled the Sept. 11 attacks, Nader said he would not have put the nation on a war footing but would have pursued the terrorist masterminds with commando units.


Iraqi Holidays


As its first act today, the Council abolished six national holidays that had been celebrated under Mr. Hussein’s 24-year rule and created a new national day.

Two of the banned holidays were fast approaching, adding to the urgency of forming a government, Iraqis said. Monday, July 14, is the anniversary of the 1958 overthrow of the monarchy, and July 17 is the anniversary of the 1968 coup that brought Mr. Hussein’s Baath Party to power.

In their place, the Council declared April 9, the day that Baghdad fell to allied forces as Mr. Hussein went into hiding, the national day of a new Iraqi state.

Is it wise to abolish the holiday celebrating the fall of the British monarchy?

Shouldn’t the U.S.-led coalition forces prove themselves to be ‘liberators’ before declaring a national holiday celebrating the occupation?

Springer v. Goldberg

The Jerry Springer camp has announced he will be filing papers to run for the U.S. Senate representating the great state of Ohio.

Jonah Goldberg believes government is better off without the imput of people who head to the polls encouraged by Springer’s candidacy.

This quote of Goldberg’s is included in 30 second spots Springer is airing “in several U.S. cities including Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Memphis, Tenn., New Orleans, San Antonio and New York;”

Goldberg warned of new people brought to the polls by Springer, including “slack-jawed yokels, hicks, weirdos, pervs and whatnots.”

The infomercial offers that quote on a T-shirt and inserted into a signed photograph of Springer next to a sign for Hicksville, Ohio. Springer refers to the quote and talks about wanting to reach out to “regular folks…who weren’t born with a silver spoon in your mouth.”

Goldberg stands behind the quote here.

While every single person supporting Jerry Springer may not be a perv, weirdo or slack-jawed yokel, I am at a complete loss to understand how this country’s politics would be enriched by massive voter turnout by people who consider Jerry Springer to be their dashboard saint. Voter turnout is not a good in itself, no matter what populists and demogogues claim. Springer says he’ll be bringing new voters to the polls. Well, okay. But if these people couldn’t be bothered to vote until Springer encouraged them to, maybe we were better off without them in the first place. Leave Springer’s audience out of it for a moment; I don’t think it’s a given that a surge in voting by Klansmen, black racists, pimps, or strippers-who-sleep-with-their-brothers would improve America’s politics demonstrably. And I don’t think we really need a Senator who sees nothing wrong with giving such people a nationally televised forum.

I wonder if Goldberg includes the fans of race baiters like Limbaugh and Savage in this evaluation of who deserves to be encouraged to vote?

And as Steve Rhodes at Blogcritics.org posits, people who read his mother’s sleazy novels?

Goldberg isn’t alone in his assessment;

State Sen. Eric Fingerhut, a Democrat, has already announced his candidacy for the Senate seat. The Democratic winner will probably take on Republican Sen. George Voinovich.

“A half-hour infomercial doesn’t wipe out what he’s been doing for a decade,” Fingerhut said Thursday. “All it does tragically is identify Ohio with his level of entertainment.”

Questions answered, pundit examined

One thing that’s hooked me on blogging is finding answers to questions that repeat in my head but for all kinds of reasons remain unanswered.

Finding people who are exceptionally informed on these subjects is like finding that gift you always wanted under the tree.

Beautiful Horizons analyses the reason George included Uganda in his African trip.

Scott at Pedantry figures up the per household basis cost of the occupation of Iraq.

Roz Kaveney at Live Journal examines Christopher Hitchens [via Long story; short pier.]

More on Hitchens from Nikolai at lenin’s tomb.

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