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PC Voting

If you’re an absentee resident of South Carolina and Hawaii, or a few counties in Arkansas, Florida, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Utah and Washington, then you will have the option of voting from a computer in the 2004 election.

The Secure Electronic Registration and Voting Experiment, which began as a tiny demonstration project in the 2000 general election and involved just 84 voters, could give 100,000 voters the chance to cast absentee ballots online in next year’s presidential primaries and general election.

It’s run by the Pentagon.

On the Net:

Secure Electronic Registration and Voting Experiment

The entire idea leaves me feeling queasy. Thoughts of voter purging are still too fresh to even consider this proposal.

WTO rules that U.S. steel duties illegal

In August 2002 Bush attempted to avert a global trade war over steel by exempting 178 products from the high tariffs he’d imposed in March.

The EU welcomed the news but added “it would pursue legal action against the United States in the World Trade Organization.”

That case has resulted in a decision not favorable to the U.S.

Washington immediately said it would appeal, and would keep in place the tariffs that President Bush had justified as necessary to protect domestic steel producers against a flood of cheap imports during a restructuring period.

In response, the European Union stepped up plans to impose $2.2 billion in retaliatory duties on U.S. imports, ranging from footwear to fruit and vegetables possibly pricing them out of the market.

Dean reclaims his roots

Howard Dean has declared he is really more moderate than some of his rivals and will work with the party’s centrists.

Speaking at a NOW forum on Friday he distanced himself from controversial issues like gay marriage and a federal Dept. for Peace by saying “It’s nice to be a centrist for a change”. He also disagreed with Al Sharpton’s criticism of the DLC and went on to caution he would favor a balanced budget before national health care.

Only his most deluded of supporters ever believed he was anything but a centrist, and if you look at his judicial and environmental record in Vermont, right of it as well.

Today I received a copy of this in my e-mail in which APJ’s Tamara Baker reacts to a reader’s letter she denotes to be racist in origin.

The reader accused Dean of being a shill for AIPAC.

Baker went on to call it typical of ‘Kuchinichites’ who she writes “are just flipping off the rails much of the time.”

So generally speaking anyone who dares to point out that Howard Dean has voiced support for intervention in Iran and that this support, in his own words, is rooted in concern for Israel’s ‘security’…

“Iran is more dangerous to Israel than Iraq is…. I don’t think you have to be pro-war or pro-unilateral intervention to be pro-Israel.”

…is Anti-Semitic and denotes a ‘Kucinichite’?

Who is ‘jumping the rails’ here?


As reported in the Boston Globe he made a point of saying that he would not rule out using military force to disarm either North Korea or Iran.

In effect this supposedly ‘anti-war’ Democrat has announced his support for a policy in which Washington will decide which countries are allowed to have nuclear weapons and will reserve for itself the right to forcefully disarm those who do not voluntarily disarm by U.S. dictate. In this crucial regard Dean’s position is in close accordance with the Bush doctrine of coercive disarmament and preventive war.

I’ve watched for months now as formerly rational-sounding people have turned into robotic, apologetic cheerleaders for this guy. Then again maybe they hid their shallowness and capacity to shape-shift well.

When his reincarnation as a left-leaning liberal was challenged many of these same followers faked amnesia, abandoned defense of his ‘leftiness’, even blamed the media for the ‘incorrect’ labeling when it was Dean himself who laid claim to the Wellstone legacy and did so at a time when polls were favorable to politicians questioning the pre-emptive strike policy.

This is what Dean had to say to the people attending the NOW forum;

…Dean moderated his trademark line, borrowed from the late Minnesota Sen. Paul Wellstone: “I am from the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party.”

On Friday night, he said: “I’m from the ‘Let’s beat George Bush’ wing of the Democratic Party.”

I believe Gore broke a good amount of ground for that small field of Democrats appalled by the Bush Doctrine. Kucinich has always been one of its most vocal critics. Dean jogged along when the weather was nice.

His ever accomodating posturing is reminiscent of the candidate Bush. That his opinion on foreign policy is similar as well should be debated.

Without a doubt there are probably Anti-Semites who claim to be liberals as well.

By all means make the case one by one.

Please leave the tar and feathers for ‘Kucinichites’ en masse in the past where they belong.

Tears for a clown?

Uganda’s The Monitor reported that Laura Bush was moved to tears by a performance of the Watoto children’s choir. Most of the children have been orphaned by HIV/Aids.

But was Laura’s crying prompted by their Chrisitian songs, or could she have been wondering how on earth she came to be married to such an intractable liar?

According to the article;

The US leader also commended Ms Noerine Kaleeba, who founded Taso after the death of her husband to Aids-related illness, for her contribution to the fight against HIV/Aids.

“She is a catalyst for change, a remarkable soul,” said Bush.

The US president then kissed his thumb and waved to Kaleeba, who returned the gesture. Bush commended Uganda’s open approach to the fight against HIV/Aids and said that the disease does more harm in an environment of secrecy.

“You are leading the way here in Uganda,” Bush added.

Ms. Kaleeba does indeed deserve much praise for her work which includes counselling AIDS clients about preventive measures.

George, on the other hand, deserves a different gesture. In February he announced his intentions to extend the foul ‘global gag rule’ to recipients of his AIDS initiative package.

The Washington Post [June 14] reported how serious the Bush administration is about denying funding to AIDS groups who deliver information about safe sex.

They warned the STOP AIDS project in San Francisco;

…to immediately halt a handful of explicit programs that “appear to encourage or promote sexual activity” or risk losing as much as $500,000 a year in federal grants…

Then again, maybe Laura was thinking about the trouble George’s lying has gotten them into at home.

Iraqi women hold national forum

I discovered a new blog when reading the same July 14th edition of The Nation I cited in the humanitarian intervention post.

Juan Cole Informed Consent

It’s where I found the link to this article describing the first national forum for women held in Iraq since the U.S.-led coalition assumed control.

The article is interesting but vague. Professor Cole’s comments shouldn’t be missed.