One more should do it…


You and I were lovers before the freeze,

and the making of it occupied our fears.

You needed my therapy,

I wanted you to need.

I didn’t know beyond the jasmine,

where the monkeys dwelled and lizards flew,

far past the grottos and the caves that held the artifacts of our emotions,

there would be a war zone.

I would come to know,

that blue eyes could flash burn to ash,

in the smoking grey seconds of remembering the past,

beyond the lush, green tropics,

in the sweltering heat,

along primevial forests and pristine beaches,

where transparent ocean waters turn blood red,

and you could never stand down.


Married [A Marine] In The Haight

memorial day came and went
again this year
shedding little plastic flags

and hot dog bun wrappers
step children dropping
by glum civil servants

some slick d.c. stone
reflecting light nicely
your name still not on it

they will never tag a soul

agent orange
budget cuts
hills consume the young

off you went

any second
without notice
you couldn’t help it

good soldier you

hobo brides know
wedding gowns and box cars clash
like alchemy and love

and you hit the park fast
clutch the white port tighter
refuse to share the medicine

i brought bread for the pigeons
you chased the lazy bums away
insisted we honor institutions with lies if necessary

that was the drill and how they honored you


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