The New Yorker kerfuffle: So funny I almost forgot to laugh

Hendrik Hertzberg told host Laura Flanders yesterday on GRITtv, that The New Yorker staff may have been “naive” but saw nothing controversial about the editorial cartoon their magazine published this week that caricatured a Muslim-garbed Barack Obama and machine gun-toting wife Michelle fist-pounding each other whilst the American flag is burning in a fireplace with a portrait of Osama bin Laden hanging above the mantle.

Phew! So funny I almost forgot to laugh! No doubt that some, like Clinton in 2012 acolyte Joan Walsh, find it “hilarious” to disparage around 22% of the world’s population and inflame red-hot prejudices within the context of the most ingrained, cliched misinformation one could muster to encapsulate at least 100 years of U.S. foreign and domestic policy. But The New Yorker staff didn’t see the controversy coming?

The New Yorker is long past due for a post-Tina Brown shake-up.