Don’t Cry for Venezuela’s RCTV

By Charlie Hardy, The Narcosphere, 27 May 2007

As I write this, I am looking at a Venezuelan newspaper, El Diario, from February 10, 1992. The editorial that would have occupied half of page 2 is missing. Page 4 is completely blank. The contents were censored by the government of the then president Carlos Andres Perez.

The newspaper is just one of many horrible memories of the pre-Hugo Chavez days in Venezuela’s “exceptional” democracy.

U.S. newspapers seem to overlook what Venezuela used to be like as they today discuss the actions of the current government. I have lived in Venezuela for most of the past 22 years and have never experienced such freedom as that which the Venezuelan population enjoys today under Hugo Chavez. That would include freedom of information. Never, in the past 22 years, has the mass media experienced the freedom it has had during the presidency of Chavez. One can freely buy anti-Chavez newspapers on streets and the airwaves and television channels are amply filled with anti-Chavez commentators.

However, today, May 27, the Venezuelan government will not renew the license of RCTV, a television station that has been on the air for over 50 years. The owner, Marciel Granier, has been running around the world crying because he is about to loose his license. Even the millionaires in the U.S. Senate feel he should get to keep the license. Interestingly, Granier was president of the censored El Diario in 1992. He didn’t complain then. I bought his newspaper. He got his money.

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One thought on “Don’t Cry for Venezuela’s RCTV”

  1. Charlie Hardy- Where do you buy your food ? Do you really live on Basic salary? Do you know what it is to stand in long lines waiting in the hot sun to but a basic food item. What about medicine? The hospital is free but not the medicine– The day Chavez dies I for one would return to Venezuela that instance but not with cCavez in power. Do you know what freedom means I advise you check the meaning in a dictionary to refresh your memory.