Dear rebel people – this is transition calling – kindly return the weapons or face death, dismemberment and/or imprisonment.

AU Refuses to Recognize TNC, Citing Human Rights Abuses
The United States and NATO still enthusiastically support the rebel council, pledging further assistance for transition
by John Glaser,, August 29, 2011

As the African Union refuses to recognize the rebels’ legitimacy on human rights grounds, the US and NATO – after winning an insurrection for them and quickly recognizing them as the legitimate government of Libya – are now engaged in further direct assistance, disregarding the AU’s concerns.

US Admiral Samuel Locklear, representing NATO, pledged assistance to disarm pro-Gadhafi forces and opposition militias, as well as securing weapons stockpiles. The US has also worked hard to fund the rebel transition.

Misrata Rebels Protest Against New Regime

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