Finkelstein Banned in Berlin: A Democracy that isn’t a Democracy

Anis Hamadeh
18 February 2010

Dr. Norman Finkelstein wrote several books in the field Israel/Palestine/Holocaust and is one of the most sagacious analysts of our time. Similar to Professor Ilan Pappe, he formulates sharp criticism in respect to past and presence of the State of Israel, and both use very rational argumentations and are reliable researchers. Especially since the mass murders in Jenin and in Gaza, these two men and many other Jews (also in Germany) speak out, because they do not want to be counted among supporters of violence by a state that arrogates to itself the right to speak and act in the name of all Jews.

As is known now, both the Heinrich Boell Foundation and the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation have canceled Finkelstein talks that were already scheduled in Berlin. While the foundation close to the Green party did not even bother to explain its behavior, the board of the foundation close to the Left party explained its drawback in a media info with the empty statement that such a talk would be “explosive” (“brisant”).

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2 thoughts on “Finkelstein Banned in Berlin: A Democracy that isn’t a Democracy”

  1. “Heinrich Boell Foundation and the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation have canceled Finkelstein talks…” The names of Heinrich Boel and Rosa Luxemburg say it all. The first was a left winger the second a Communist who was actively working for the violent overthrow of the Democratic Weimar Republic and replace it with a Soviet dictatorship.


    This is a typical tactic of the Judaists (who imagine they are “Jews”, when in fact, they are white European Khazars whose ancestors converted to Judaism). They live and weave a web of lies and are afraid of people like Finkelstein who tell the truth. So instead of debating him, they try to repress the truth.

    When it comes to human rights, Germany is more like a third world gutter. The Judaists have the German politicians in their pockets. Why else would they imprison people who debate the holocaust? The German people need to stand up and amend their constitution to allow national referenda, free speech and try these crooked politicians who serve their Jewish masters for crimes against humanity.