Protest at the Erez Checkpoint

31 December 2009: All along the idea for the Gaza Freedom March was that there would be a march inside Gaza once the delegation arrived, and a concurrent march to the Erez checkpoint on the Israeli side of the checkpoint. Although most of the Gaza Freedom March delegation did not go to Gaza from Cairo, the marches still took place. The photo above is the from the Erez checkpoint, and here is a report we just received about the Gaza march: [Read the report]

MECA in Cairo

Happy New Year from Cairo
31 December 2009

This is our fifth day in Cairo and we invite you to read our blog with accounts of our days here. We are still trying to get reach Gaza and our wish for the new year will be for a better future filled with peace and justice for the Palestinian people.

Happy New Year, Barbara Lubin
Josie Shields-Stromsness

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