Occupation On The Home Front

Maya Schenwar, Punk Planet #80, 31 July 2007

Welcome to Bizarro Congress. The past six months have been stuffed chockfull of triumphs and disappointments for the Democratic Party: bills denouncing the Iraq War, bills prolonging the Iraq War, bills calling the troops home, bills providing the funds to keep the troops in Iraq for up to three more years. The strange news? Theyíre all the same bill. The 2007 Supplemental Spending Bill, which passed both the House and the Senate in late March, put more than $100 billion toward the continuation of the Iraq Waróbillions more than President Bush himself suggested. Along with a proposed additional $142 billion slated to pass in the fall, this budgetís substantially bigger than any military budget in the past six years…..

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A New Trail of Tears Could Lead to Bear Butte Mountain

Sacred Grounds Desecrated at Sturgis
Bikers USA Editorial

With approximately 200,000 riders in Waterloo Alabama, the number of riders who go on the Trail of Tears Ride is quite impressive. Sadly, the number of supporters for Bikers for Bear Butte, pales in comparison. If you care about freedoms, such as religious freedoms, or rights, such as the rights of indigenous people, there is what appears to be an evident hypocrisy that bikers need to be aware of in order to overcome. At the 2006 Sturgis Rally, most bikers saw lots of Indians gathered in protest. They were not there to protest your presence! They were there to ask your support in keeping commercial interests from destroying their sacred grounds. Only a few bikers stopped to talk with them and find out why. Good for those few! One uninformed biker spat at them as he rode past a group. They are not anti-biker.

What you saw at Sturgis was NOT Indians versus Bikers.
It is Indians versus Fatcats bent on further desecrating and ruining their sacred grounds and using your hard-earned money and politics to do it. The Indians RESPECT your heritage and traditions and want to work with you, to let you know how you can RESPECT theirs. Bikers USA calls on riders along the Trail of Tears to please learn of the pending destruction taking place at Bear Butte, and spread the word about supporting Bikers for Bear Butte in 2007. Bikers for Bear Butte seeks to educate bikers about how to honor requests by tribes, to help them in preserving Bear Butte Mountain, north of Sturgis, as Sacred Grounds, rather than letting them be overrun by commercial interests who build closer and closer every year.


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Review: Battling the Hard Man by Benjamin DeMott

When our friend and longtime contributor Benjamin DeMott passed away on September 29, 2005, he left behind the following manuscript, which he had worked on steadily throughout his final illness. We find it remarkable not only for its courage and style but for an honest insight that if anything has only appreciated with time.

Editor’s note introducing “Battling the Hard Man” by Benjamin DeMott in the August 2007 issue of Harper’s

Benjamin DeMott provides a literal pulse for this modern life that resonates like a thunderclap in the ear.

It is not his fault that the ‘hard man’ penetrated his psyche and reproduced. If dominance, revenge and violence could stir his passion, even as death stormed his sanctum, what hope is there for the rest of us?

Subtitled – Notes on addiction to the pornography of violence – it is a beleaguered DeMott staying the course, deploying empirical excuses for his guilty pleasure, releasing them like clusters disperse bomblets amidst acres of frankly brilliant reflections. Perhaps the pandering reflects a work-in-progress and not his typical Sunday’s best.

Perhaps even soldiers of valour who write ridiculously well find it impossible to rationalise an addiction to authority, but they must try. DeMott believes that when he was a young fuckup going nowhere, hating nothing, he knew surrender. He swears this innocence was overtaken by uninvited soul snatchers.

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An appointment with death despite the evidence

By Bob Ray Sanders, Star-Telegram, 29 July 2007

Another trip to Death Row.

Another man scheduled to die on the gurney in Texas’ infamous killing chamber.

Another human being who does not deserve this tragic fate.

And another case that speaks to the absurdity of how capital punishment is applied in general throughout this country, but particularly in the Lone Star State.

The case of Kenneth Foster Jr., scheduled to die next month for a 1996 murder in San Antonio, is further proof of how cruel, capricious, unjust and utterly insane our death penalty laws have become.

Because of this tainted system, whether you believe in capital punishment or not, a man who did not plan or commit a murder will die Aug. 30 unless somebody — a judge, the Board of Pardons and Paroles and/or the governor — has the heart and the guts to stop it.

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